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Amplifei By Alaskasheila

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Now you have the opportunity to alter how your body reacts towards steroids within the initial 30 days of using the Living Hapi Program!

It is a 4- step process that consists of all-inclusive solutions that will stabilize the versatility of the fauna and flora in your body, creating a harmonious natural microbiome.

Let's take it step by step, and within a few weeks, you'll be happy with your new healthy lifestyle. Fit and ready to take the world head-on!

Amplifei by Alaskasheila visions a lifestyle for you where you can best embrace a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Our Living Hapi Program is for 30 days.

It is planned and articulated to bring back your body on track towards a healthier and holistic pace. So that each person of any approach can achieve a healthy life regardless of the lifestyle and approaches.

Our professionalism is at your disposal. We take things ahead by discussing the specifics to identify the problematic area/s so that the solutions offered are result-driven. 

Our 30-day process and nutrient-filled supplements will aid in getting your body's strength back to a natural balance. Thanks to the cravings you'll have, which will make you feel absolutely amazing! 




Clear the uncleanness and naturally purify the system.

Get the Balance Right




Restore a fresh, strong foundation for your gut and become a healthy you.

Have a Healthy Gut




Rebuild, nourish, and strengthen your microbiota and immune system.

Building Blocks (DNA+RNA)




Increase your energy, reduce hunger, and sharpen your attention.

Clean Energy Nootropic


QUESTION YOURSELF Where Would You Be In The Next 30 Days?

Think About It Now Without Delaying!

What Will You Achieve

You, for certain, do not have to figure this out all on your own since we have uplifted the guesswork from your upcoming milestone. Each day throughout our program, you'll receive email support that will consist of a 30 days’ challenge for you to offer optimum gut health.

You Will Get:

  • Elaborate instructions so that you have clear understanding of what your body is undergoing.
  • Daily instructions and reminders as help to keep you in track.

No More Assumptions! Leave your worries to Reset, Restore, Rebuild, and gain Optimum Gut Health all on our professionals.

Each year, several people across the world experience discomfort or complications regarding their gut health. And due to the busy lifestyle of the majority of people, there aren’t many ways to improve the digestive health of senior citizens and active millennials. But there is one way to steadily improve the nutrition that is being given to the gut throughout your day. That way is to use Amplifei - Alaskasheila Gut Supplements. These supplements are available for a wide range of people in a number of different sizes and product types. Anything from immunity supplements to nucleotides and fiber supplements, and so much more.

We also have a number of sleep aid supplements that help you relax your mind and body in a safe and healthy way to aid your body’s natural recovery process. Amplifei-Alaskasheila has a four stage process for improving the overall health of your gut and subsequently your body.

The first stage is to cleanse the body of any toxins, while the second stage involves creating a new, stronger foundation for your digestive system by introducing new enzymes and basic proteins. But perhaps the most intense requirement for basic protein comes in during the third stage, which focuses on rebuilding the body on a micro level through new DNA+RNA Building Blocks.

And the final stage is entirely focused on rebuilding the energy levels of your body in a natural way with the use of clean nootropics which help your body become active by improving your cognitive functions such as memory, attention, motivation, etc.

However, there are also several other supplements that can be taken voluntarily including hemp based dietary supplements, pet supplements, activated coffee, & CBD tinctures. What’s more is that you can buy our complete bundles to get the most value for your money on all our dietary, health, pet, and sleep supplements.