We are on a mission to improve healthspan. ÜFORIA Science® strives to help our bodies achieve balance – micro and macronutrient content, our healthy gut microbiome, even free radicals – to simultaneously protect and nourish our cells and telomeres. This in turn can reduce cellular, telomere and DNA damage that happens over the course of time and result in improved healthspan and biological age.

That’s where PreTRITION® comes in! It’s foundational nutrition that fills our cellular buckets. PreTRITION® was intentionally formulated with specific amounts of key ingredients to help you balance out your body at the cellular level.

Our telomeres act like the plastic caps on the end of a shoelace and protect our DNA from fraying and becoming damaged. PreTRITION® contains ac-11®, a patented and powerful botanical ingredient at the clinically substantiated levels that have been shown to stabilize and potentially elongate telomeres.

The Western diet and lifestyle factors typically result in an imbalance of free radicals in the body. These free radicals result in damaging our cells and our DNA which, in turn, result in premature aging and reduced healthspan. That’s why we formulated PreTRITION® with cold juice powders such as acai, goji berry and mangosteen which are antioxidants aimed at helping stabilize free radicals in the body.

Of course you can eat healthy foods, but your body needs to break them down into usable forms. PreTRITION® also contains a blend of digestive enzymes – cellulase, protease, amylase and lipase – to help break down food so that you get the proper micro and macro nutrients required for healthy cells.

Research has shown when your gut is working properly and you have a healthy balance of beneficial microbes, nutrients are more optimally absorbed and your cells thrive. Achieving and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is a key component of overall health. PreTRITION® includes a soluble prebiotic fiber, inulin, extracted from chicory root which nourishes good gut microbes to help balance out your gut microbiome.

Often, our bodies are out of balance and people will often feel significantly better as they establish a new baseline in cellular and DNA-based health. PreTRITION® prepares your body for the next step, true personalization of a dietary supplement based on your own DNA – your own ÜTRITION™!